Monday, October 20, 2014

felspar said: Fantastically written fiction (original and fanfic), discerning taste, the best worldbuilding and RP around, and a talented musician who never gives themselves enough credit. ...Did I mention favorite Sebastian? Not necessarily fandom-related, but kind-hearted and wise, as well. I've not seen a better listener and you always give honest, thoughtful advice to your followers.

Aw, you are far too kind :”>

Saturday, October 18, 2014

antivanpeacock said: What -- had you not realized that the entirety of fandom gathers weekly to discuss your tumblr life, as though you were our personal bookclub? You give yourself too little credit! (I can't get enough of your Sebastian, I admire the care you put into your OCs, and also, how the fuck did you actually complete 100 prompts, because whenever I try I get to like #7?)

I anticipate it’s entirely the opposite! I’m willing to bet the majority of the fandom doesn’t know about me—but honestly, I’m all right with that.

Also—I haven’t yet completed 100 Days yet, I am unhappy to report! I’m currently stuck on Day 69… (haha no joke intended). I really do want to finish them, however. And I am fdsbsihfsdljhf so flattered you enjoy my Sebastian! I realize I tend to write him definitely more secular than a lot of other Sebastian writers out there, and I am constantly surprised by how many people enjoy my interpretation! So thank you! :”>

But! If you ever want to take a stab at the prompt list I have, please feel free! My only requirement is that you tag me so I can read them.

aedancousland said: Lovely aesthetic, really intriguing original fiction and impressive world-building skills, and the best Starkish cousin a Ferelden could ask for :>

:”> now I think we’re moving away from “reputation” territory

but daukdgjksfh really, flatterers all

shadoedseptmbr said: Wonderful original characters, fascinating Starkhaven headcanons, frequent musical brilliance!

/lays on

Thank you

Anonymous said: Mostly an observer who can always spare a kind word. Writer of a very fine Sebastian with some of the most interesting head canons about Starkhaven.

Thank you, anon

Guys, I’m sure I have a reputation somewhere in this fandom: So what is it? Leave that in my ask box as I ponder over this.

Thursday, October 16, 2014
sample? even just a wee byte?

Very well, sir. Apologies for the In-Progress quality!\

Also I should note that felspar will be the one singing this, as I cannot always hit that bottom note |D (also she has a FAR better voice)

playing guitar until frustration over recording

but—bar chords are getting better!

Monday, October 13, 2014